Balloon Studio and More

Balloon Studio and More specializes in classic and unique balloon décor; creating balloon decor from the "Cradle" to the "Grave"; from grand openings, charity walks to other special events!  We have a retail shop that you can come to shop with us on specific days or you can order online. At the same location we also offer the ultimate studio experience for photo shoots and other events.  We also offer a special line of "Celebration of Life" balloon designs.

Our customers consists of corporations, non-profit organizations, schools, universities, colleges, stores, car dealerships, families and YOU.  Balloon Studio and More services Jefferson County and some areas in Tuscaloosa County.  We would love the opportunity to provide classic balloon décor for your next special event - from personal events such as birthdays, milestones, parties, baby showers, retirement parties, bridal showers, graduation parties and more!  At Balloon Studio and More our goal is to provide excellent service to our clients with honesty and integrity always exceeding expectations.

About Charlotte



                                                                Hello! Bonjour! Bienvenido!

                                                                I am so happy you stopped by. I am Charlotte Wilson, owner and professional                                                                          designer at Balloon Studio and More. I am a passionate entrepreneur.  I enjoyed                                                                      spending time with my family.  I am super excited to be traveling around Jefferson                                                                  and Tuscaloosa counties creating and delivering beautiful fun bouquets and one-                                                                  of-a-kind installations!


                                                                In December 2019, I left a full time job as an HR manager and became full time in                                                                    the balloon industry; hence, opening Balloon Studio and More.  This was such a                                                                      journey!  I am proud to say that I have received my certification as a Certified                                                                            Balloon Artist (CBA) in November 2020.  I believe in excellency and education.


I absolutely love my job!  I love seeing the smiling faces, brining visions to life and thankful, exciting expressions of my corporate and individual clients.  This is what makes my job so worth it!  I will forever be grateful that I have the opportunity to design beautiful decor that creates special memories for you.  If we have not had the opportunity to meet in person, this was a nice start.  I am looking forward to providing one-of-a-kind balloon decor at your next event. 


Another exciting part of working in areas of Jefferson County is getting to know area vendors and living an area with some of the most beautiful venues.   If you are a local vendor or have a venue,  I would love to connect with you. 


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